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EU’s Turkish voters backed Erdogan’s reforms – by Sam Morgan

EU countries where voting was possible, 707,430 votes supported Erdoğan’s reforms. Just 409,012 opposed the proposed switch from a parliamentary to a presidential system.

While the number of ‘yes’ votes cast in EU member states far outweighed the ‘no’ vote, the number of countries did not. Only seven out of 19 came down on the winning side (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, German, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

Voting was allowed in 57 countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, Thailand and South Africa.

The total overseas vote, which was closed before Turkey itself went to the polls, ultimately favoured ‘yes’ by 831,208 votes to 575,365.

Largely-Turkish Northern Cyprus, which has been the focus of a bitter dispute between Turkey and Greece since the former invaded the island in 1974 and which has curtailed Ankara’s accession progress, surprisingly voted against the reforms.

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