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France: The Big Debate: Macron tells Le Pen 'you tell the same lies your father did' - by Alexander J Martin

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the two leading candidates for the French presidential election, clashed in a fiery exchange during a recent debate with the liberal maverick telling the far right candidate she was telling lies to the French people.

All 11 candidates in France's presidential election, from frontrunners Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron down to the minnows, took part in a giant TV debate recently seeking to swing undecided voters.

Whilst discussing Europe, Macron took aim at Le Pen:

"Europe allows protection," said Macron. "What you are proposing Madame Le Pen is a drop in spending power [for French workers]. That would mean economic war.

"What you are proposing is nationalism and that means war," he told Le Pen, who rolled her eyes and bellowed a stern "oh lo lo".

He then told the far right candidate that "she was coming out with the same lies that came from the mouth of her father 40 years ago."


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