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Middle East: external and internal combatants in this perpetual war must stop fighting and reach political solution - by RM

Middle East: Time to stop this perpetual war and negotiate
Russia, the USA, all EU nations who are members of the NATO, the Gulf states, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, must get their troops out of these perpetual Middle East wars which have caused hundreds of thousands of casualties and displaced millions of. people.

Why and what about ISIS ?

Because, whatever way you turn it, there is no military solution to this problem

As to ISIS - rest assured that if a political solution is achieved the local Governments or their populations will take care of eliminating ISIS. .

So really, the only small, and it certainly is a very small chance to get a lasting peace, is for all parties in this Middle East disaster to sit around a conference table "as civilized people" and hammer out a peace agreement which represents the consensus of all the parties around the table.

Anything less will not work and perpetuate this human disaster.

Unfortunately, if it does come to extensive negotiations, we are dealing with human beings around the conference table, mainly evil and egoistic human beings, so the hope for reaching a political solution is very slim.

Nevertheless, it is worth a try because mankind deserves it.


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