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Middle East: Muslim Brotherhood’s review exposes ‘undercover operations’ - by Turki Aldakhil- Al Arabiya English

Since the Obama administration and those revolving in its orbit used to consider the Brotherhood as a “model of moderate Islam,” it took the Brotherhood a long time before it could acknowledge its defeat and political bankruptcy. However, the plan changed with the Trump administration and his current administration, which fully believes in Brotherhood’s threats.

Trump’s consultants are discussing “terrorism” of the Brotherhood group and the possibility of blacklisting it. During his first phone call with President Donald Trump, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz warned him of the group’s plans to harm US-Saudi relations. This conversation marked a transformation as it indicated that the Arab and the Muslim world will no longer keep silent over the group’s ideology.

The Brotherhood has realized that enough was enough and that remaining silent is not an option. The group admitted all its disastrous failures when it published a review entitled “Pre-vision evaluations, a look at the past,” few days ago.

The review was drafted by the group’s office of guidance and it consisted of 3,500 words and divided into four main parts – the absence of organizing priorities in public work and its effects on the revolution, relation with the revolution, relation with the state and Muslim Brotherhood’s partisan practices.

This review reflects the difficult situation the Brotherhood finds itself in. It addressed the group’s performance since 2011 and up until 2017. The organization has acknowledged that many things such as the absence of balanced relations with other social entities on the integrative, competitive and friendly levels, the absence of a comprehensive political projects for change and management of the state and the absence of academic work in terms of managing and analyzing information.

This is in addition to the absence of anything that indicates practical political ambitions or ambitions to develop political ideology or discourse on it and not seizing opportunities to build openness. It also touched on not seriously working to build public opinion on the Brotherhood members working in state institutions.

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