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U.S. Email Surveillance Bothers EU Privacy Chiefs - by Daniel R. Stoller

This might be best way to stop big brother US read EU e-mails
Bloomberg reports that European Union privacy regulators intend to question U.S. national intelligence officials about the extent to which the government orders online communications companies to cooperate in surveillance, they said April 10.

The EU Article 29 Working Party of data protection officials from the 28 EU countries isn’t convinced that U.S. surveillance activities don’t harm EU citizens’ privacy interests, they said.

The group will send a letter to U.S. Director National of Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coates “asking for additional information regarding the legal basis and justification for any surveillance activities concerning EU data subjects.”

The move comes after the EU privacy regulators in October 2016 said they were concerned about the alleged scanning of Yahoo! Inc. customers’ incoming emails at the request of U.S. intelligence agencies.

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