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Brexit: ‘Let’s stay together’, Europe pleads with a reluctant Britain

In stark contrast to poll results in the UK, which show a slight lead for the “Out” camp of 43% (against 41% for “Remain” while 16% remain “undecided”) the TNS survey, conducted in nine EU countries late May, found that all these northern-European countries wanted Britain to remain a member of the bloc.

Despite an “Out” campaign that has verged on the xenophobic as it tackles the difficult subject of EU immigration and open borders, the poll found that 79% of Germans, 65% of French and 64% in Poland favoured Britain voting to remain, as well as 62% in Denmark, 63% in the Netherlands and 62% in the Czech Republic.

A separate question, which asked whether respondents believed Brexit was likely to happen, showed a widespread conviction that the UK would vote to remain: only 40% of French people, 30% of Germans and just 26% of Poles believe British will leave the EU.

Even in the UK, only 26% of respondents said they believed Britain would actually leave the EU.

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