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USA - Political Satire: Trump's first day in Oval Office, first briefing by CIA, Pentagon, DIA, FBI - by Gorav Sharma

Could Trump  Be The Next Commander In Chief?
Trump: we must destroy ISIS
    CIA: We cannot do that sir. We created them along with Turkey Saudi Qatar and others

Trump: the democrats created them
    CIA: It was not the democrats. We created ISIS sir. You need them or else you would loose funding from   the natural gas lobby.

Trump: Stop funding Pakistan Let India deal with them
    CIA: sir we cannot do that. India will cut Baluchistan out of Pak

Trump: I do not care
    CIA: India will have peace in Kashmir they will stop buying our weapons they will become a superpower. Sir we have to fund Pakistan to keep India busy in Kashmir

Trump:you have to destroy the taliban
    CIA: sir we cannot do that we created the taliban to keep Russia in check in the 80s. Now they r keeping Pakistan busy and away from their nukes

Trump: we have to destroy Islamic regimes. Let us start with The Saudis
    Pentagon: sir we cannot do that. We created those regimes because we wanted their oil. We cannot have democracy there as otherwise their people will get that oil and we cannot let their people own it.

Trump:then let us invade Iran
    Pentagon: we cannot do that sir

Trump:why not?
    CIA: we are talking to them sir

Trump:what? Why?
    CIA: we want our stealth drone back. If we attack them then Russia will obliterate us there as they did to our buddy ISIS in Syria. Besides we need Iran to keep Israel in check

Trump:then let us attack Iraq again
   CIA: sir, our friends ISIS already control 1/3rd of Iraq

Trump:why not the whole of Iraq
    CIA: sir we need the Shia govt of Iraq to keep ISIS in check sir

Trump: I am banning Muslims from entering US.
    CIA: We cannot do that sir

Trump: why not?
    FBI: then our population will become fearless sir

Trump: I am deporting all illegal to south of the border
    Border patrol: you cannot do that sir
Trump: why not?
    Border patrol: if they r gone who will build the wall sir?

Trump: build the wall first you idiots!
    Border patrol: then they will be on this side of the wall sir
Trump: I am banning H1Bs
    USCIS: you cannot do that sir
Chief of staff: then we will have to outsource the White House to Bangalore sir

Trump: why the hell did I get elected?
CIA: To enjoy the White House sir! We create the bad guys you sign off sir. And then when we sign off you announce that you have destroyed them sir!

Trump: God bless America the land of the free and the brave.

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