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Religion - Islam: Grand Mufti urges Muslims to forge unity, shun evil deeds

"Murder is great fitna (mischief) in Islam"
Mufti Azam Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah delivered Hajj sermons in Masjid-e-Nimra at Mount Arafat, urging Muslims to shun evil, forge unity and staunchly practice teachings of Islam, SAMAA reported.

“Islam is a complete code of life, it’s a perfect and definite religion of Allah, it teaches brotherhood among Muslims and provides spiritual, moral and social training,” said the grand Mufti while addressing millions of Hajj pilgrims.

The chief mufti urged Muslims to keep away from crimes, such as murder and other evil deeds.

“The murder is great fitna (mischief) in Islam. Our religion teaches the abidance of Allah and His Prophet… Islam prohibits obscenity as haram and sin… Oh Muslims! Be God-fearing, keep a control on yourselves,” he said.

“Oh believers! Murder of a single person is the murder of entire humanity, and the one who committed this act unduly shall burn in the hell forever.”

“Tyranny throws one in darkness whereas takwah (fear of Allah Almighty) leads one towards success,” he said while addressing the world’s biggest Muslim gathering.

The Mufti said un-Islamic forces are hatching conspiracies against Islam and Muslim countries. “Blood is being shed… Khawarij (those who seceded from the mainstream Islam) are still among the ranks of Muslims.”

The Mufti said Jihad is also an obligation of Islam which should be carried out as per true and definite teachings of Islam.

“Jihad is better than everything else in the way of Allah, it dispels fitna (evil/malicious acts) and fassad (anarchy/bloodshed), everyone of you should follow the teachings of Islam which is a perfect religion.”

Praying to Allah for betterment and falah (success) of the Muslim ummah, the Saudi religious cleric urged Muslims to observe patience in their lives in testing times, protect each other’s lives and properties and work together for the success and prosperity of Muslim societies.

Concluding his annual sermon, Mufti Abdullah prayed for the Muslims of Syria, where internal strife claims thousands of lives.

Nearly three million Muslims from across the world are in the holy cities of Islam for annual Hajj pilgrimage.

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