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US President Trump: Poor TV Ratings Show The Trump Presidency Is Already In Danger Of Being Canceled - by Jason Easley

Donald Trump's failure to draw a big audience for his joint address to Congress suggest that America is already tired of the President Trump show and is considering a 2020 cancelation.

The numbers for Trump’s speech via The Hollywood Reporter, “The event predictably topped the night’s few other telecasts, grossing just more than 43 million viewers on eight networks airing coverage between 9 and 10:15 p.m. ET. On par with early metered market stats, a cumulative 27.8 overnight rating among households, it’s still a ways off from President Barack Obama’s first joint sessions meeting — or even his first State of the Union. Compared to Obama’s first address in 2009, Trump’s pull is down by 17 percent. Fox News, which the Trump audience has show itself to be especially fond of, led coverage on cable and broadcast with 10.8 million viewers during the speech — while NBC News topped among the Big Four with 9.1 million viewers.”

Another sign of Trump’s limited support was the fact that the top-rated network for his speech was the partisan Fox News network. Trump’s speech didn’t bring the country together. The American people didn’t tune in to give him a chance. Out of a population of 325 million, roughly one-eighth of America tuned to see President Trump.

None of this means that Trump is automatically doomed. The President’s base of support is solid and loyal to the core, but he is also a president who may never be able to expand his appeal beyond that base.

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