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China-EU Trade Relations: Wary of Trump, China launches EU charm offensive: by Robin Emmott and Ben Blanchard

China has launched a charm offensive with the European Union since U.S. President Donald Trump took office, shifting its stance on trade negotiations and signaling closer cooperation on a range of other issues, European diplomats say.

European envoys in Brussels and Beijing sense a greater urgency from China to find allies willing to stand up for globalization amid fears Trump could undermine it with his protectionist "America First" policies.

"Trump is pushing China and Europe together," said one Beijing-based diplomat, citing Chinese support for trade, combating climate change and the United Nations, all areas where the new U.S. president is seeking a change of tack.

Four senior EU diplomats and officials in close contact with the Chinese told Reuters they also see a chance for a breakthrough on business issues that have been moving slowly for years, including a special treaty to increase investment flows.

EU business groups are more skeptical, expressing growing dissatisfaction, like their U.S. counterparts, with limited market access in China and pressing for a firmer response.

Note EU-Digest: It seems President Trump is starting to feel the heat of the fact that it is possible two of the largest Global Economies could be ganging up against the US and as a result recently invited the President of China for a weekend of talks at what Trump calls  "the Southern White House" in Palm Beach Florida. 

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