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European Union's Federica Mogherini appoints 43 new EU ambassadors

Federica Mogherini  the EU high representative for foreign affairs
The European Union is rolling-out a host of new ambassadors in a bid to push its agenda around the world.

A total of 43 new ambassadors have been appointed to embassies around the globe, including far-flung locations such as Swaziland, by EU high representative Federica Mogherini.


The union’s top diplomat has granted the appointments, which need the approval of national governments, which include representatives in Russia, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Argentina.

The new EU representatives appointed for diplomatic posts include seasoned diplomats, national diplomats and EU high-flyers. 

As to EU-US relations Ms. Mogherini had noted earlier:  "differing views on foreign aid and diplomacy means Europe’s approach to the United States may change, but said she believes there is still a “common interest to work together” over matters of security and economic issues.


Ms Mogherini said: “We have entered in a different phase in  the relationship between Europe and the United States, that’s quite clear".

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