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Terrorism: CNN guest immediately links Manchester explosion to "the two plus million refugees that have come into Europe"

ERIN BURNETT: When you look at something like this happening in the UK -- and there are still so many details we don't know, right? These are just a few eyewitness accounts that we are putting together from people who are very much in shock, but you heard that woman say, "20 or 30 bodies," she saw a lot of blood. We just don't know at this point, but what we're hearing is horrific.

DAN SENOR: Right, so -- a human catastrophe of it, just in its raw form that we're hearing about and seeing images of makes it hard to analyze these things, we hope it was not a terrorist attack. We hope something exploded and people panic, god forbid -- But it tells you a lot about the climate in which we are in today. That something like this happens in Europe.

 10,15, 20 years ago, our minds wouldn't have immediately gone to a terrorist attack. Between France, and Brussels, and all these terrorist -- UK, these terrorist attacks have been going on around the region, and this constant focus in political environments over the last several years on the two plus million refugees that have come into Europe, via Germany, and now many of whom have spread throughout Europe, and established or inserted themselves into communities that create infrastructure for terror.

Whether this is that or not, that is where people's minds go, and as Spider [Marks] said earlier, Teresa May has got an election coming up this week, she was the Home Secretary under Prime Minister Cameron. She was the equivalent of the Secretary of Homeland Security. She was regarded in the UK as having this strong homeland security credentials.

Note EU-Digest:  Not a sole in the US Government and even in many European countries is willing to openly admit that the refugee problem in Europe, and  the terrorist activities there are a direct result of the totally failed US foreign policy and  military involvement in the Middle East {Iraq, Syria and Libya)  and there still is no end in sight. The EU needs to have the courage to get out of this totally destructive alignment with the US,  unless they change their policies. Given the election of Trump as US President this is very unlikely.

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