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British verbal attack on France: "Nicolas Sarkozy, a Napoleon theme park and France's grand European delusions" - by Stephen Glover

A former French minister is behind a scheme to build a theme park in honour of Napoleon Bonaparte on the outskirts of Paris. The plan has the support of President Nicolas Sarkozy, once described as ‘Bonaparte in a suit’.
If the park dubbed ‘Napoleonland’ goes ahead, tourists may be able to peruse a gigantic map showing the tyrant’s foreign conquests at his zenith of his power — Italy, Spain, the Low Countries, much of modern-day Germany and a sizeable chunk of Poland. In less than a decade he assembled a European superstate — and then lost it.

Visitors may be able to go on a ride which will let them ‘experience’ his unsuccessful Egyptian campaign, and re-enact the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, when Nelson decisively prevailed over the French and Spanish navies off the Spanish coast.

"To British eyes it may seem extraordinary that a French president should associate himself in any way with a man whose actions led to the deaths of millions of people — and whose defeat paved the way for British 19th century supremacy, reducing France to the rank of a second-rate power where, let us be honest, it  has remained."

Note EU-Digest: "Now really Mr. Glover, do we detect a hint of jealousy?"

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