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If you thought Americans love Europe, think again, their real love is Canada

Nearly all Americans, a full 96 per cent, have a favorable view of Canada, according to a new Gallup survey. That's the loftiest ranking for any foreign country since Gallup began the poll two decades ago.

America's neighbor to the north has long been the darling of the survey. "Canada's 93 per cent ratings in 1987 and 1989 were the previous high favorable for any country," the pollster said in a release.
Australia, however, also ranks high, right behind Canada in second place at 93 per cent. Great Britain is in third at 90 per cent.

Iran, meantime, ranks last at 10 per cent. North Korea is in second last at 13 per cent and Afghanistan rounds out the bottom three at 14 per cent. China's ratings are also continuing a downward spiral evident in the last few surveys.

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