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US Presidential elections: When Obama attacks, which Republican can answer him - by Kyle Wingfield

The Obama strategy appears two-fold: Spend tax money to convince Americans he can be considered one of them, and brand his Republican opponents as people who can’t.

To the latter end, Obama supporters paint Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch 1-percenter and Rick Santorum as a zealot bent on imposing his beliefs on the country.

I’ve written before about Romney’s challenge of talking about his private-sector experience and wealth in a way that resonates with Americans (at least those not residing in an Occupy tent). Santorum, the latest frontrunner, now faces a challenge of his own. He can’t run away from his beliefs, as the Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn explains, in part because he’s made his career as a conviction politician, but also because “the media won’t let him”:

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