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Germany Pulls Advisers out of Afghan Ministries

Following the ordes of the top US military commander of NATO on Saturday, that all Western advisers be withdrawn from from Afghan Government Ministries, in response to recent  anti-U.S. unrest overthe burning of Koran's by some US military personnel which resulted in killing of two US advisers, the German  government said Sunday that it has ordered some 50 German and international experts working in  Afghan ministries to be withdrawn from Kabul.

The decision of withdrawal was made by the Risk Management Office and was a "reasonable precautionary measure," German Economic Cooperation and Development Minister Dirk Niebel said in a statement. Niebel said once the situation calmed down, these experts and staff, who worked with Afghan authorities and provided advice about the country's reconstruction and
development, could come back to work.

Germany has some 4,600 troops stationed in Afghanistan, the third largest contingent of NATO's International Security Assistance Force behind the United States and Britain.


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