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Airplane Industry - Solar Power: Solar Impulse: Fuel-free aeroplane arrives in Myanmar

In doing so, the solar-powered plane has completed the fourth leg in its historic bid to fly around the world powered only by the Sun's rays.

Project chairman Bertrand Piccard piloted the vehicle, taking off from Varanasi in India early on Thursday.
The trip, which involved crossing the waters of the Bay of Bengal and a tall mountain range, was about 1,400km in length.

The aeroplane is a single-seater, and Piccard takes it in turn with project CEO Andre Borschberg to guide Solar Impulse on its circumnavigation of the globe.

So far, the pair have covered about 4,500km since beginning their adventure in Abu Dhabi on 9 March.
It will likely be another five months before they return to the United Arab Emirates, having crossed both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in the process.

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