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Iran - USA: Politics: Republicans Go Ballistic Over Plan to Take The Iran Nuke Deal to the U.N.

The latest move in the nuclear negotiations with Iran could be to take them to the United Nations. And that will trigger a Republican hatefest for the ages.

The Obama administration hinted Thursday that it may take elements of an Iranian nuclear deal to the United Nations—while bypassing Congress for now. And that possibility has turned an already ugly political fight over the negotiations even nastier.

In one scenario floated this week, the White House would not immediately put aspects of an Iran deal up for a vote in Congress. Instead, the Obama administration would take aspects of the agreement to the United Nations Security Council—making the U.N. the target of a congressional hatefest.

“The United Nations has no authority whatsoever to bind the United States of America,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told The Daily Beast, arguing that only treaties and congressionally-passed laws could do that. “If President Obama attempts to end-run the Constitution by enlisting the United Nations to enforce an Iran deal that sets the stage for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, it would be both profoundly dangerous to the national security of the United States and our allies, and also patently unconstitutional.”

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