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Greek Drama: Après nous, le déluge. "Italy, Spain to follow if Greece exits eurozone", says Greek defense minister

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Greece's Defense Minister Panos Kammenos has said his country's exit from the eurozone could be followed by Italy, Spain and even Germany. Kammenos' interview comes amid lack of progress in Greece's bailout plan.

"If Greece explodes, Spain and Italy will be next and then at some point, Germany. We therefore need to find a way within the eurozone, but this way cannot be that the Greeks keep on having to pay," Kammenos told Bild.

Instead of a bailout, Greece needed a debt "haircut" like the one Germany's creditors had to accept in 1953, Kammenos proposed. He also argued that Berlin should pay World War II reparations to Athens. "All European countries have been compensated for crimes committed by Nazis, except for Greece," Kammenos said, referring to the gold Nazi soldiers brought back from Athens during the war.

The defense minister also accused Germany of "interfering" in its domestic affairs. His criticism was aimed at German Finance Minister Schäuble, who earlier warned of a "Grexident" which could push Athens out of the euro.

"I don't understand why he turns against Greece every day in new statements. It's like a psychological war and Schäuble is poisoning the relationship between the two countries through that," he said.

Note EU-Digest: Instead of blaming everyone else Greek officials should realize and admit that the reason they are in trouble is because of their own mismanagement of the country:They lied about their financial figures in order to join the euro-zone, they have out of control corruption, their civil servants are over payed and receive more perks than those in any other EU nation, the Greek tax system does not work and some of the richest people in Greece never pay any taxes, and last but not least, work ethic certainly is not one of the greatest assets of the Greek labor force. .

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