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US Politics: Ted Cruz & Tom Cruise Have More In Common Than You Would Ever Have Believed - by Zoe Ferguson

Two men are about to make a star turn in the American media, and their ascensions couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Just as Ted Cruz is running for the Republican Presidential nomination, his potential alternate self Tom Cruise is facing the release of a new Scientology documentary this weekend that will call him out. As both men prepare to have their personal lives analyzed by the national public, we hope they might find solace in one another’s struggles and triumphs. After all, with such similar names, how different could Tom Cruise and Ted Cruz be?

While the two men may have their differences, their kindred souls are more than apparent when the facts are examined. It’s true that Cruise is 52 and Cruz is eight years younger, at 44, but they are stunningly similar public figures: both have controversial political, scientific, and religious beliefs that have put them at the center of debates about ethics, morality, and truth.

Both are leading figures who have captured the American imaginary and will no doubt continue to be featured in newspapers and tabloid magazines alike for years to come. And best of all, their names are essentially twins of each other. Here are a list of nine reason why you could be talking about Ted Cruz but people could think you were talking about Tom Cruise, or vice versa.

While Cruise’s religion, Scientology, was literally founded by a science fiction author, Cruz has come under just as much fire for his questionable theories about the nonexistence of global warming. Cruz told Seth Meyers:

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