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EU Terrorist Faux-Muslims Gangsters Threat: SIS' White Whale Is Spain - by Itxu Díaz

It’s hardly surprising that the faux-Muslims of the so-called Islamic State see Spain as a primary target.

The country’s full of delicious Serrano hams, superb wine, and pretty women—a little like paradise on Earth for these strange jihadists of the 21st century.

Certainly those recently detained in the Spanish city of Ceuta on the north coast of Africa, who are accused by police of preparing attacks in Spain and the rest of Europe, know the temptations of Spanish life. Yet they convinced the cops and perhaps themselves they were disposed to die.

“They were even ready to sacrifice themselves,” declared the minister of interior when the first group of four was arrested in January. And they just keep coming, it would seem. Two more suspects were picked up on Tuesday.

Of the four initially detained, three are being held in police custody while one, Redouan Ali Amzal, who was dedicated to tracking terrorist targets, has been released on account of “mental disability.” (Guess that means the others are sane.)

Mohamed al Lal is one of those detained in Ceuta. In the Firenze ice cream shop where he worked, nobody could believe that this kid who was smiling all the time was a “terrorist threat.” But his case is like one of those murderers the police discover with a mountain of chopped-up cadavers in their houses, while the neighbors tell the television camera that he was a very normal kid, very likeable, who always said hello in the elevator, and who loved his cat. But with this difference: According to the police, Mohamed al Lal is not just any potential murderer, he’s an Islamist. That is to say, he is one of those intransigent radicals who want to impose the sharia, strict Islamic law, and kill all the infidels.

But there’s a disconnect. How do we square his presumed belief with photographs in which he appears surrounded by bottles of booze, flirting online with scantily clad girls, and with a worldly passion for luxury, travel, and the good life?

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