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Middle East Terrorism: German army training Peshmerga fighters to fight ′IS′

Kurdish Peshmerga are being trained in Germany, honing their weapons and tactical skills. The battle against Islamic State militants in Iraq is a matter of life and death. Wolfgang Dick reports from Hammelburg.

Mines have become the greatest challenge in the bloody conflict against "Islamic State" (IS) militants. Improvised explosive devices (IEDs), typically used as roadside bombs, are radio controlled bombs with enough explosive power to turn even tanks into rubble.

Meanwhile, in the grasslands of the Bundeswehr's large army training center in the Bavarian town of Hammelburg, ten Peshmerga fighters and their German instructors carefully traverse mud tracks.

The Peshmerga group is supposed to learn how to "see" things. Their objective is to find hidden explosives, which are, of course, inert for military training. Radio bomb antennas are often hidden in blades of grass or bushes. Stones piled up in an inconspicuous manner mark targets for passing vehicles to be blown up. Everything seems to be inconspicuous here.

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