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Britain: Deputy Prime Minister Clegg:" time to back Palestine state

Nick Clegg has called on David Cameron to recognise a Palestinian state in response to a new hard-line stance from Israel.

The Deputy Prime Minister said Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to rule out a two-state solution during his successful election campaign was "extremely worrying".

He suggested that unless the Israeli leader backed down the UK should follow through on an indicative vote by MPs last October and formally recognize Palestine

Asked about Mr Cameron's position, Mr Clegg replied: "He needs to ask himself, the Conservatives need to ask themselves, what on earth is the consistency with the long held Conservative Party view, Labour Party view, Liberal Democrat Party view, and the international view reflected by the comments from the White House over the last 24 hours that a two state solution remains the only viable route for peace and security for the people of Israel and the people of the region as a whole?

MPs backed recognizing Palestine by a margin of 274 to 12 in October.

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