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The Netherlands -Armenia: Dutch parliament overrules “Armenian genocide” motion

The motion proposing to recognize 1915 events in Tukey as “Armenian genocide” was overruled by Dutch parliament with 78 pros against 63 cons today Friday 10th of April.

The Dutch Parliament also refused to approve a resolution prescribing to adopt in government’s official language “Armenian genocide” instead of “Armenian genocide issue” which has been used for many years.

The parliament also overruled another motion requiring to send King Willem Alexander, Prime Minister Mark Rutte or at least one of the Dutch Government ministers to Armenia to attend the so-called "commemoration genocide ceremony" which will be held on April 24. Instead the motion calling both Turkish and Armenian nations to develop mutual understanding and expressing the wish that any commemoration ceremonies would contribute to respect and acceptance between the two communities was overwhelmingly approved.

The DENK movement – a political organization established by Turkish people living in Netherlands – and being represented in the Dutch parliament with two deputies, stated that they have voted against the resolutions and they will continue to spend all of their efforts to block such future motions.

“Dutch parliament is not the right place to make a judgements about some unfortunate occurrances which happened some 100 years ago,” DENK deputy Tunahan Kuzu underscored. 

Note EU-Digest: Good move by Dutch Parliament - before the Armenian Diaspora seriously can start accusing anyone about Genocide they should allow their own Government archives to be opened to international research teams to study historical documents on the issue, like the Turks have done. Present actions by the Armenian Diaspora on this issue are now seen by many political observers around the world more as a fund raising issue than anything else. 


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