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US Health care Poll: Obamacare in positive territory

There's more evidence that President Obama's health care law is gaining in popularity.

According to the monthly Kaiser Health Tracking Poll released Tuesday, 43% have a favorable view of the Affordable Care Act and 42% have an unfavorable view -- the first time the law has been in positive territory since November of 2012, the month President Obama won re-election.

Of course, the poll points out that the margin is "one percentage point, and the difference is within the

But the law's popularity appears to be rising. As National Journal points out: "Last month, 43% of Americans viewed the law unfavorably and 41% favorably. In April of last year, the gap was larger; 46% viewed Obamacare unfavorably, 38% favorably."

Obama's health care law -- signed in 2010 -- figures to play a major role in the 2016 presidential and congressional elections, as many Republicans call for repeal of Obamacare.

One thing that hasn't changed in the polls: Opinions of the health care law fall largely along party lines.

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