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Germany: ‘Game of Drones’: heart of US strike operations ‘in Ramstein, Germany’ - by Alasdair Sandford

Top-secret intelligence is said to indicate that the hi-tech heart of America’s drone programme is in Germany.

An anonymous high-level source is quoted in a joint investigation by The Intercept website and Der Spiegel magazine as saying that the US military base at Ramstein performs an essential function in the lethal strikes carried out in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa.

“Without Ramstein, drones could not function, at least not as they do now,” the source is quoted as saying.

Two years ago, allegations that the huge U.S. base in Germany was being used to facilitate drone strikes caused massive controversy. In response, Berlin claimed it had no hard evidence of Ramstein’s role.

Use of the military base is on condition that the Americans do nothing there that violates German law.
The new evidence in a series of slides is said to give details of how Ramstein relays crucial information, enabling drone operators in the American Southwest to communicate with their remote aircraft in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.

The new claims may embarrass the German government, already accused of failing to challenge Washington over Ramstein’s role.

Note EU-Digest: Once again another sign how weak and fearful Europe (the EU) is when it comes to dealing more firmly with  the US. When the US says "jump", the EU always answers "how high"?  

To make matters worse, terrorism confronting the EU and other European nations on our home territory has never been at higher levels than today as a result of these totally failed US Middle East policies and  the US "success" in dragging the EU into their Middle East "escapade"s. Why doesn't the US base their drones on US territory instead of Germany and  also take up the millions of refugees fleeing into Europe as a result of this debacle of theirs in the Middle East ? Maybe instead of burdening Europe with this problem, these refugees could at least help to populate  some of the US's sparsely populated  states like Wyoming, Maine, Alaska and Montana.

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