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Greece: Eurogroup sends Greeks back to their homework "and considers Greek Finance team amateurs"

The Eurogroup finance ministers meeting in Riga has ended with a unanimous call for Greece to speed up its economic reforms if it wants its financial aid to continue.

Discussions between Greece and its international partners about ways to save the economy need to lead to a “global accord” say the FinMins, who also express “worry” about what they call the new government’s limited progress.

“A comprehensive and detailed list of agreed reforms is needed as a basis for a successful conclusion of the current review.

We are all aware that time is running out. Too much time has been lost in the past two months and this is therefore clear that these discussions need to make significantly more progress,” said Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

Reportedly more than one minister at the talks expressed frustration with the Greek economic team in Riga and in particular Finance Minister Varoufakis for an approach one participant described as “amateur”.

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