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EU Privacy Laws: Facebook ‘breaks EU laws’ tracking all visitors, even non-users

Even if you have opted out of the tracking option in Facebook, or don’t have account at all, the company is still watching your web movements through the use of social plugins, thereby breaking EU laws, says a report by the Belgian Privacy Commission.

A report commissioned by the BPC has discovered that Facebook tracks everyone, even logged-out users or people who don’t have an account at all, primarily through the use of cookies and the ‘like’ button which is found on more than 13 million websites worldwide.
According to EU law, websites must receive a user’s permission before placing any cookies on their computers. The automatic placement of tracking cookies is in “violation of European law,” that is why all EU websites ask users to ‘allow cookies’ on the first visit.

By default Facebook installs tracking cookies – tiny files containing user’s settings and previous activity – upon a visit to any page on the domain, which translates into tracking users for advertising purposes across non-Facebook websites.

However, as the report found, for non-users or those who opted out, Facebook instead installed a special cookie called ‘datr’ which still contains a unique identifier and thus could be used to track user during every visit to a website containing a Facebook ‘like’ button.

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