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Denmark: World′s coolest queen: Margrethe of Denmark turns 75

Queen Margrethe of Denmark
 She is the most popular regent in Europe. The Danes, and others around the world, appreciate Queen Margrethe for her unpretentious manner and the closeness to her subjects. Birthday celebrations run for more than a week.

She plans to govern until she falls out of her slippers, the good-humored monarch recently quipped at a press conference. Asked whether age had its advantages, Queen Margrethe II replied: "The experience is different to before, when you are young and doing everything for the first time."

Even if she no longer can pursue her favorite sport, cross-country skiing, everything is otherwise ticking along well according to the Queen.

Read more: World′s coolest queen: Margrethe of Denmark turns 75 | Culture | DW.DE | 16.04.2015

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