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Catholic Church: Vatican should understand they only exist as a 'theocracy' in Europe by the grace of the EU - by RM

French Predident Hollande with Laurent Stefanini
France stated on Wednesday March 15 it was standing by its choice to send a gay diplomat to the Vatican, despite three months of silence from the Holy See over the appointment. "France has chosen its ambassador to the Vatican.

The choice was for Laurent Stefanini and that remains the French proposal," government spokesman Stephane Le Foll said. "Negotiations are underway. Every ambassador must be approved when they are nominated ... we are awaiting the response from the Vatican," Le Foll added.

The lengthy delay in approving the candidate is seen as unusual and could indicate a rejection.

While the Vatican usually declares it has accepted a candidate around a month after an appointment is made, it makes no public statements at all if the answer is no.

The French cabinet approved the appointment of the 55-year-old Stefanini already on January 5 but has not yet received a reply.

The Vatican is the smallest "state" in the world with a population of 842 and has a landmass of only 110 acres.

 In 2007, the Vatican was also silent for months when the last gay ambassador was appointed. Eventually, France was forced to select another ambassador.

All this in spite of Pope Francis' PR comments regarding the church accepting LGBT individuals, he has publicly spoken out against same-sex marriage and adoption.

In this modern day and age - and basically already since Martin Luther and John Calvin broke the iron grip of the Catholic church on Europe with the reformation, the whole concept of the Vatican as a state is questionable to say the least.

Although the 1984 concordat states that the Catholic religion is no longer the sole religion of Italy, in 2007 the Church objected to the introduction of an omnibus religious freedom law which would “put the Catholic Church on the same level as religious sects” . This law has still not been passed in Italy and should be.

According to the EU's Copenhagen criteria which define what states are eligible to join the EU, a candidate state must be a free market democracy. Given that the Holy See is a theocracy it does not meet the criteria. Basically case closed - however as it is small, and surrounded by an EU state, it is closely linked to the EU. The Holy See has an open border with the EU and even intends to join the Schengen Information System.  It also uses the euro as its sole currency and has an agreement with the EU allowing them to mint their own coins.

The EU gave Italy authority to negotiate a deal with the Holy See in 2000, which allowed the Holy See to mint a maximum of €670,000. After a review of the arrangements, a new agreement came into force in 2010 which allowed the Holy See to mint €1 million a year (plus up to an additional €300,000 on special occasions).

With the above in mind, the Vatican should really start to comprehend that they exist as a "nation" only by the grace of the EU. They can not circumvent or disobey established EU Human Rights rules or impose their views on any member state, regardless of the fact they still seem to believe to qualify standing above established international laws. 


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