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Brexit: Obama gives powerful warning against Brexit - by George Parker and Jim Pickard

Brexit will also mean Schotxit which wants to stay in the EU
Barack Obama has delivered a stinging rebuke to supporters of a British exit from the EU, saying that if the UK left the 28-member bloc it would go “to the back of the queue” in seeking a trade deal with Washington.

Standing alongside David Cameron in Downing Street, the US president delivered a clear warning that Britain would be less secure, less influential and less prosperous if it votes to leave the EU on June 23.

Challenging Brexit campaigners who had told the US president to stay out of the debate, Mr Obama said: “I’ve not come here to fix a vote, I’m offering my opinion. You should not be afraid to hear an argument being made.”

Quoting the poet John Donne, Mr Obama said: “No man is an island,” adding “even an island as beautiful as this one.” He said that influential nations in the 21st century did not “go it alone”.

Mr Obama’s backing for the prime minister’s campaign to keep Britain in the EU has infuriated some Brexit campaigners, who called the president “a hypocrite” who would never surrender US sovereignty to a body like the EU.

Boris Johnson, London mayor, suggested that the “part-Kenyan” US president harboured an ancestral grudge against Britain, dating back to animosity about the British empire.

In a powerful intervention, Mr Obama dismissed suggestions that if Britain left the EU it would be able to swiftly conclude a trade deal with Washington, sidestepping long-running EU-US trade negotiations.

“Maybe at some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement but it won’t happen any time soon,” he said. Mr Obama said that the focus was on trying to do a deal with the EU and its 500m consumers.

Mr Obama said that Britain’s EU membership “does not moderate British influence in the world, it magnifies it”.

Note EU-Digest::  Boris Johnson comments about Mr. Obama make him sound very much like Donald Trump - except that Mr. Johnson comments also had negative racial undertones.

Euro-Sceptics nationalistic dreams of being able to go it alone are total nonsensical wet dreams in today's world of global inter-connectivity and power blocks. 

It certainly won't return Britain to its former glory days of being an Empire where the Sun never sets. 
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