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European Real Estate: Spain unveils plans to build the tallest skyscraper in the EU - by Rebecca Flood

Distrito Castelana Norte (DNC)
The Shard could lose its title as Europe’s tallest building after developers in Spain unveiled plans for an even bigger skyscraper.

Since 2011, the triangle shaped tower has dominated the London skyline, earning it the prestige of being Europe’s tallest inhabitable structure.

Standing at 310 metres tall, 72 of the 95 floors are in use, with the upper floors accounting for the spire.

But new plans for a six tower development in Madrid could knock it off the top spot with one tower included in the complex planned to be 70 floors, also topping 300 metres

Antonio Béjar, CEO of the company behind the project, Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN), announced the lavish plans.

He said the skyscrapers would: "Transform the city’s skyline and put Madrid among the main European capital cities.

"The project is closer than ever to starting,"

The entire development forms part of a wider regeneration scheme for the northern part of the city, which has been progressing over the years.

DCN is currently applying for all the necessary permits to begin construction.

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