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European Economy - Peoples Capitalism: Crowdfunding helps Europe’s businesses boom

Peoples Capitalism
Crowdfunding is no longer a niche, it’s booming in Europe. In this edition of Business Planet, from Finland, Serge Rombi finds out how platforms work and what makes a successful campaign.

“Global crowdfunding was more than 30 billion euros last year,” Lasse Makela, CEO of the Invesdor crowd-funding platform, told euronews’ Serge Rombi.

“It’s growing by more than 100 percent per year. And it’s going to be larger than venture capital financing this year.”

In the autonomous Aland islands in the Baltic Sea, a family-run SME produces 100 percent natural lemonade, using only local products.

In 2014, Tony Asumaa – founder of Amalias Limonadfabrik – realised that he needed to expand production and he immediately opted for crowdfunding.

“We chose crowdfunding because it was cheap, efficient, fast and, above all, non-bureaucratic – to get new capital into the company,” he said.

Through Lasse’s platform, Tony won more than 86-thousand euros in equity crowdfunding.
In other words, those who invested in his company are now shareholders.

“We have 163 new shareholders. As our ambassadors, they promote our products, they sell them. Some restaurant owners sell products throughout the country,” said Tony.

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