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Britain: Ultra Conservatives Argue European Ministers Have Layed Out Plan to Create United States of Europe

The Ultra-Conservative news agency Breitbart reported  that when presenting his renegotiated deal on EU membership in February, Mr Cameron insisted: “Britain will be permanently out of ever closer union, never part of a European super-state.”

But the emergence of a declaration signed in Rome by European ministers five months previously to Mr Cameron’s announcement reveals that the intention on the continent is to press ahead with the creation of a federal Europe.

Not content with merely monetary union and free movement, the declaration, signed by the speakers of the national parliaments in Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg states that they want to integrate a broad spectrum of policies. “It should include all matters pertaining to the European ideal — social and cultural affairs as well as foreign, security and defence policy,” the declaration states.

It adds: “We are convinced that new impetus must be given to European integration. We believe that more, not less, Europe is needed to respond to the challenges we face.

“The current moment offers an opportunity to move forward with European political integration, which could lead to a federal union of States.”

The Commission has denied all knowledge of the declaration. A spokeswoman told the Sunday Times: “I am not aware of any such initiative. This is not something related to the commission.”

But leader of the Commons, Chris Grayling, who has been sent the document, said: “This shows there are now serious plans for a political union, where those countries in the Eurozone move towards having a single government.”

The above report by Breitbart was obviously published in support of the anti-EU Brexit camp.


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