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The Netherlands: Almere, Europe's most "avant-garde" multi-cultural city celebrating it's 40th birthday

From the moment of its establishment in 1976, Almere has been one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Initially developed as a suburban area east of Amsterdam, it has become one of Europe's most impressive new modern multi-cultural cities.

 During the past 36 years, it has also become the home of some 200,000 residents and 18.000 businesses.

Almere is the largest city in the Province of Flevoland and now also the seventh largest city in the Netherlands.

A Facebook page  (unfortunately in Dutch only) is commemorating this event. the whole year, until the exact date (November 30)  when  Almere's first settlers arrived, many years ago.

The Facebook page also  illustrates many of the important facts and events that took place during the 40 years since Almere became one of the fastest growing and most modern multi-cultural European cities.

Over the years, as the city developed  it also quickly got the reputation of being one of Europe's, architecturally, most "avant-garde cities".

Obviously this made Almere also a very attractive city for architecture students to visit.

If Dutch is not your maternal language, there are also numerous other websites containing information about Almere - its corporate sector, its sustainability, the facilities and opportunities that residents, businesses and institutions alike have by being established in Almere.

The following sites might be a good place to start looking:  Chamber of CommerceWorld Trade Center Almere, VVV Almere, The City of Almere, Almere Sun Island, Wikipedia Almere, Floriade 2022 - Growing Green Cities, Almere-Digest,

Mayor, Mr. Franc Weerwind
A friendly welcoming city, from its Mayor, Mr. Franc Weerwind, to all the city's residents.

It all seems to be happening in Almere.!

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