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Mexico: "is making business happen with more than triple the free trade agreements than the US"

Randy Avon - Asian Pacific Dev. Corp
The Hon. Randy Avon, CEO of the Asian Pacific Development Corp. noted that the recent arrival of South Korea's President in Mexico, was once again a reminder for businesses around the globe to look closely at the numerous business opportunities that exist in Mexico.

On her arrival in Mexico on April 3, Mrs. Park Geun-Hye vowed to expand the  strategic partnerships between South Korea and Mexico across more diverse fields, including the growing popularity of the Korean cultural wave.

Mexico is South Korea’s largest trading partner in Latin America, with their trading volume reaching $14.12 billion in 2014. Government data shows that some 1,600 South Korean companies, including leading conglomerates such as Samsung, LG and POSCO, operate in Mexico.

Mexico has almost TRIPLE the Free Trade Agreements with other countries arod the world than the USA has.

President Park is expected to ask the Mexican government to allow South Korean companies to advance into the energy, transportation and public infrastructure sectors. The leaders will also discuss increasing bilateral cooperation in developing IT and science technologies.

During the meeting with Korean residents, Mrs.  Park wore a “hanbok,” or traditional Korean dress, in red, green and white, the colors of the Mexican flag. 

About 12,000 Koreans currently reside in Mexico.

According to the Korea Foundation, the number of Korean pop fan clubs in Mexico reached 80 last year.

Over 19,000 Mexicans attended a concert performed by South Korean band Big Bang, held at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City last October.

President Park also visited the National Museum of Anthropology and the Korea-Mexico cultural exchange festival.

Many multi-National corporations are looking at Mexico to launch their Latin American operations including those from the EU.  

The EU which is presently in a drive to deepen trade ties with Latin America and the Europeans are not only eager to do business with Cuba, but are also relaunching negotiations with Mercosur and  key talks will  soon to be launched with Mexico and Chile. 


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