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Czech Republic: Photo of Czech girl Scout standing up to skinhead goes viral - by Rob Cameron

Lucie Myslikova takes charge and confronts skinhead in Prague
A 16-year-old girl Scout pictured standing up to a far-right skinhead has told the BBC she was not afraid of neo-Nazis and wanted more young people to stand up to fascism.

Lucie Myslikova, a film and animation student from the Czech city of Brno, was captured in her uniform confronting a shaven-headed demonstrator.

The rally was held on May Day by the neo-Nazi Workers Party of Social Justice.

The photo has since gone viral.

"I wasn't afraid," Lucie told the BBC by telephone from her school.

"I went to the counter-demonstration as someone who was determined to change things. To me it makes sense to try and change the world around me," she went on.

"I think young people should get involved in such things. They should be aware of what's going on". 

Note EU-Digest: that is the spirit Lucie Myslikov, and it also is very good advice to other young people all around the world. Get away from all your gadgets, every now and then, take some time and look around to see what a mess the real world has become. Take charge, take action,  because you can make a difference.

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