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Philippines: By inviting Duterte to the White House, Trump emboldens a killer - by Alan Tidwell

Are Trump and Duterte on the same page?
Who you invite to your house says a lot about who you are. No matter your status, the company you keep reflects your values. Invite a thug, serve him a meal and laugh at his jokes — what does that make you?

The thug invitations have come out of the White House, now featuring an invitation to a man who stands accused of murder, who backs extrajudicial killing in his country and who has denounced the United States.

His name is Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, known at home to his friends as "the Crusher."
Duterte's host, Donald Trump, invited him to the White House — the People's House — on behalf of you and me.

Trump didn’t clear Duterte invite with State Dept., NSC: report
If you are not appalled, you should be. Here's why.

Duterte's a killer.

In December 2016 reminiscing over his time as mayor of Davao, a city in the southern Philippines, Duterte was quoted saying: "In Davao I used to do it personally. Just to show to the guys (police) that if I can do it why can't you? And I'd go around in Davao with a motorcycle, with a big bike around, and I would just patrol the streets, looking for trouble also. I was really looking for a confrontation so I could kill."

Later in December he admitted, while serving as a prosecutor in Davao, to having thrown a rape suspect out of a helicopter.

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