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Airline Safety: Air France-KLM boss de Juniac defends airlines’ safety record

Air France-KLM have presented their new short-haul carrier, baptised HOP! It will offer new links for the domestic French market to better compete with its low-cost rivals, the train, and car-sharing schemes.

And, in the aftermath of the Germanwings tragedy, CEO Alexandre de Juniac confirmed to Euronews the company now insists on two persons in the cockpit permanently in all the group’s planes.

“We finished our security review yesterday and so Air France and KLM , HOP! and Transavia have decided to apply the recommendation of the European Air Safety Agency to have two people in the cockpit at all times,” said de Juniac.

Antoine Juillard, euronews: “Many people have been wondering after this tragedy if low-cost flights are not in fact less safe than the traditional carriers. What is your opinion?”

Alexandre de Juniac: “Accident or incident statistics are very closely followed by everyone in the air transport industry, and they don’t show that. In other words, low-cost carriers are no less safe, and it cannot be claimed that they are not as safe. What happened to Germanwings is a very, very special case, really exceptional in my opinion, and should not be linked in any way to the character of the airline.”

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