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Germany: Thousands march in anti-war Easter protests in Germany

Thousands of Germans took to the streets on Saturday in the second day of the now traditional "Easter marches" against war and weapons exports in demonstrations expected to take place in more than 80 cities by the end of the holiday weekend.

The marches are not religious ones, but rather a peace movement unified under the motto "Fascism never again - war never again." The protestors also called for an end to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, newer types of arms like drones, and the presence of the German army in foreign countries.

On Saturday the action was concentrated in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with the city of Duisburg planning a three-day "Easter march" event. Similar demonstrations also took place in Berlin, Bremen and Kiel.

"We want no wars, we want no militarization, but rather a socially-conscious Europe," said Willi van Ooyen, a spokesman for the organizational team.

Read more: Thousands march in anti-war Easter protests in Germany | News | DW.DE | 04.04.2015

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