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Aircraft Industry: Airbus opens first planemaking plant in the US

Europe's leading jetmaker, Airbus, has inaugurated its first production facility in the United States. The move is a direct affront to its American rival Boeing as the France-based company snatches up more market share.

For many workers in Mobile, Alabama, industrial action is something done by Europeans.
In fact, there are hardly ever walkouts or protests by unruly employees. That's because there are hardly any unions.

The state also has one of the lowest minimum wages in the country - $7.25, or 6.41 euros, per hour.
Overall, for companies looking to unburden themselves from the high cost of unionized labor in Europe, the conservative, southern state drives a pretty hard bargain, one that has resounded with at least one major airplane maker across the Atlantic.

Read more: Airbus opens first planemaking plant in the US | Business | DW.COM | 14.09.2015

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