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USA - GOP Second Debate: a reality show which has nothing to do with elections or Democracy

This debate was the latest sign that influential Republicans are increasingly worried that Donald Trump could become the party's nominee, and they are determined to stop him.

A day after a major conservative group, the Club for Growth, launched a series of ads targeting Trump, several of his rival candidates at the debate in California aggressively attacked the man who leads the polls of the Republican race.

This is also a sign that the Special Interest groups in America, which today control most of the Democratic and Republican political candidates (including the Presidential ones),  and who have turned the US from a Democracy into an Oligarchy, are trying to eliminate Donald Trump politically.

Carson and Trump, who so far have not been seeking financial support from special interest groups have obviously become the target of them and their loyal financially dependent "clients" in the Republican party.

In case any of these two would win the nomination, it would mean that the Special Interest Groups massive investment in "pro-business" and "pro-keeping a blind eye" candidates they invested in to support their tax evasion schemes, or stopping the advantage of those seeking an equal distribution of wealth,etc., would be wasted. 

Bottom line of this Republican debate - which some are also calling a "political reality show",  is that it clearly revealed that Democracy in America is now on life support.


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FGH said...

Bottom line on the GOP debate is just the opposite of EU Digest's conclusion, proving democracy is alive and well like never before in America: The debate was a win not for any one candidate, but a big win for the Republican Party. Rarely has so much talent, so much vigor, so much diversity, been on display. It is hard to imagine Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton–or Barack Obama–on stage with the Republicans, engaging in what is often a free for all. Democrats don’t debate, Republicans do.

“We owe gratitude to France, justice to England, good will to all, and subservience to none ... it was by the sober sense of our citizens that we were safely and steadily conducted from monarchy to republicanism, and it is by the same agency alone we can be kept from falling back.” —Thomas Jefferson