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INSURE-DIGEST joins the Europe House Digest family of publications

A recent survey showed that in the EU, where there are some 40 different languages and dialects spoken, 51% of the population now mainly communicate in the English language. This number is expected to increase every year.

This not only is happening in Europe, but all over the world, as it turns into a global market place with people, traveling more frequently, English is certainly becoming the “Lingua Franca”.

Europe House which saw this trend coming already many years ago decided to capitalize on it by using English in all it's promotional communications and informative publications.

In this context,  Europe House initially created three electronic publications in blog format.

These publications focus on specific issues, based on collected news items, surveys and reports, which are not always available in the corporate controlled traditional press, and sometimes even withheld from the public.

The publications are the one you are reading now, EU-Digest, launched in 2004 -The other

Turkish-Digest, with news about the political, economic and social scene in Turkey, launched in 2005, and in 2014 Almere-Digest was published to meet the demand of a large number of English speaking residents in Almere - which is considered one of Europe's most modern and ethnically divers cities.

This month the Europe House “Digest family” was again expanded with the launching of INSURE -DIGEST, mainly to comply with the request expressed by a large number of executives from foreign corporations establishing subsidiaries or headquarters in Europe and other countries around the world. Specifically, for better information and guidance, when selecting a new corporate subsidiary location. With the focus on potential pitfalls or advantages re: political stability, local taxes, insurance, health-care and schooling.

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