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US clothing retailers losing to European rivals

 For decades, US clothing retailers like Gap have determined America's taste in fashion, but sales have been dropping in recent years. Their competition is coming not only from online shops, but also from overseas.

New York City is a major shopping destination. Variety and prices attract tourists and locals alike into retail stores of all kinds. But legacy brands like Gap or J.Crew are facing a continuing loss of customers.
Marylin is 17 years old, and Gap is a brand she won't buy.

"The thing with Gap is, it used to be good, but now when I buy clothes there, the material is terrible," the teen complained. After one wash, she feels, the fabric feels old and tired.

"With so much to choose from, Gap would be very low on my list," added Marius, who is about 10 years older. "Gap is very generic - it doesn't have identity, doesn't stand out. It's nothing I want to identify with."

Well-known US brands, like J.Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap, are losing business in the US. They have been relying too long on middle-aged, middle-class customers, who have been content to stick with with classic but stale fashion styles.

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