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Refugees: ′Europeans are the better Muslims′

There has been mounting criticism over the role of the Arab states when it comes to taking in the refugees on their own doorstep. According to human rights activist Iyad El-Baghdadi, this is an Arab moral crisis.

Deutsche Welle: The mounting refugee crisis has been dominating Europe's news the past few weeks. How do the Arab states react to this crisis?

Iyad El-Baghdadi: The fact that it is not dominating Arab news as much and the fact that we have to flee our homes and that we have to become stateless and homeless at all - that really upsets me. In 2011 the region had the opportunity to rise up and to experience a revival on the basis of which we don't need to seek a future elsewhere. But because this historical moment was crushed so severely, the result is what we see today.

What do you think of Europe's response so far?
I am impressed that the discussion about the right and moral thing to do is entering the debate. We are witnessing a moral crisis whereby we have to look to Europe, to the Vatican and to the Pope for moral leadership. We cannot handle our own refugee crisis while we are a net producer of refugees. The burden is now on Europe to do the right thing.

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