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Syria: The Equation Changes As Germany's Merkel Makes a Move - by Kenneth Courtis

Angela Merkel’s recent statement that any resolution of the war in Syria requires the engagement of all major regional parties including Iran and Saudi Arabia could well break the stalemate on the Syria issue.

She has clearly stated that no solution could be achieved without the involvement of the government of Syria, led by President Assad.

With her move, the German Chancellor and leader of Europe has acknowledged that to date the Western policy of working to destabilize and to topple the government of Syria has been a failure.

It has been part of the dynamic which has allowed Daesh and other extremist groups to take root and expand across the region.

Germany is now saying that refusing to involve Assad in any negotiations is futile.

With her move, Merkel effectively endorsed the position that President Putin and many others, including the governments of China, Iran, India and Syria itself have maintained for many painful months as Syria, indeed the entire region, has sunk deeper and deeper into tragic chaos, death and destruction.

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